My Outreachy Motivation

Hey! Yeah! Finally, I am here. I got to know about Outreachy few years back though I did not apply then. Until last year, one of my very good friends got selected and motivated me to apply. Coincidentally, I was looking for OpenSource projects to contribute to. I got to realize that the best way to learn to contribute to OpenSource is to join the Outreachy. I applied in the December cohort. But due to some other schedules, I was not able to contribute to any community. So I was not selected

But I kept making contributions to some projects of interests while waiting for the May cohort application to be opened. I had seriously been looking for projects that would allow me craft a career path in cloud computing. So I looked up all the projects on the projects list and learned about OpenStack. I immediately took interest in the Kuryr-Kubernetes project which would allow me learn a lot about Container orchestration and networking.

I am very much excited about this wonderful opportunity and looking forward to becoming a mentor one day to assist and guide young interns learn more about the Kuryr-Kubernetes community, Outreachy, OpenStack and everything about OpenSource.

My core Values

My core values are self-motivation, dedication, curiosity and resilience.

I find myself being highly self-motivated. I do not wait on anyone to waste energy in spurning me to action. I take the initiative, the bold steps and get myself to the highest motivational levels to deliver on any task I have chosen.

In any learning process, any task, any project I find myself, I dedicate all my available resources to deliver on the requirement. I strive to achieve the highest level of quality required of any project at hand while learning along the paths.

I am very curious about learning new things daily. I would want to know the fundamental principles behind everything. What is actually making this behave this way? That is a question I ask myself whenever I encounter new things.

I am resilient. I do not give up. I believe that every problem has a solution so far I persist in seeking the undiscovered path to solving the same problem.

Introducing myself!

My name is Sunday Mgbogu. I studied Chemical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Nigeria. While in school, I developed interest in Software Engineering. So I ventured into learning to build software applications instead of focusing on seeing jobs in the oil industry.

Currently, I am working as an Outreachy Intern for the May’21 tenure with OpenStack on the Kuryr-Kubernetes community under the mentorship of Maysa de Macedo Souza and Luis Tomas Bolivar on the project “Add support for OpenStack resources reconciliation in Kuryr-Kubernetes!”. The next three months of the internship are going to be a great learning experience, and I’m really looking forward to it! My mentors at Kuryr have been very welcoming, and I’m so glad to be selected as an intern here for the summer cohort.

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