Welcome! My Outreachy Blog

My name is Sunday Mgbogu. I am an Outreachy Intern with OpenStack Kuryr-Kubernetes.

Introducing Myself

My name is Sunday Mgbogu, a Software Engineer and currently an Intern on Outreachy with OpenStack Kuryr-Kubernetes. I love everything OpenSource, building and deploying applications on the cloud and consistently networking.

Mentors: Maysa de Macedo Souza and Luis Tomas Bolivar
Project: Add support for OpenStack resources reconciliation in Kuryr-Kubernetes

To learn more about me…

OpenStack Kuryr-Kubernetes

The OpenStack Kuryr-Kubernetes project aims at using OpenStack Neutron to provide networking for Kubernetes pods and OpenStack Octavia to implement Kubernetes Service. To learn more about the Kuryr-Kubernetes Project and how you can contribute…

Checkout my Past Projects

From building simple web applications to fullstack payment reconciliation cashier engine deployed on the cloud and lots more…

What People Say

A robust Engineer with great passion for his work and dedication. A very interesting dude to work with!

Other Services I can render

Aside making contributions to OpenSource Projects, I also offer…

Payment Solution Integration

Want to start accepting local and cross-border payments or integrating payment cashiers? Or you worried about how to expand to the African market?

Mentorship for Kids

Does your young lad wish to involve early in learning Programming and choosing a career in Sofware Engineering? Do you need personal coach for your kids?

Public Speaking

Are you organizing an event and want someone who can wow the crowd on how technology is shaping the digital ecosystem? I have got you covered…


Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. —Publilius Syrus

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